Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Sheep Shearing

Today was shearing day. We did all the sheep and the one goat. Nan, Maid and Rainey stayed in the house as we had enough dogs to help. They weren't happy about that either but too bad. Eifion came over from Wales and sheared the sheep. He has been doing my flock for years and we do the shearing in the first Sunday in March. The ewes are due in late March and early April so this works out perfectly.  The weather was cold, sometimes sunny but overall nice. We used the tilt table in the barn so we all stayed dry. Janet and Jude did the loading and then later, the sorting of the sheared sheep back to the respective pastures.
Eifion and his setup. He had a holding pen and then we loaded from the stall.

The tilt table team. Amber was tilt master, Vets Audrey and Diane did shots/worming and hooves. Morgane did trimming and Phil was the muscleman. I did hooves and go-fer gal. The sheep loaders were Wayne and Scott. Wool baggers were Karol and Mitzi. The note taker was Ellen and Janet did sheep sorting/holding/backup. The sheep looked fat and healthy and some did the wild sheep bouncing after being relieved of their wool!

Daisy the goat got sheared also. She wasn't happy! Even with a full team doing the hoof trimming, shots we still got behind Eifion as he sheared. But all in all, we got all the sheep down in about two hours. Then we had spaghetti for lunch and hung out. After lunch, we all worked the freshly shorn sheep that were light and had a blast. Thanks to all the folks who came out and did a piece of the work and made this shearing go seamless! As the saying goes (with a slight modification) ..."it take a village to shear a flock!"

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pam said...

Or "Many hands make light work."