Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lamb Watch and Stella

We are starting to lamb. First set then a month break and then the rest. The first set won't be very many ewes but we decided to split up lambing due to space limitation.  One of the ewes, a first time mom, had a tiny ram lamb. He is feisty and has no idea he is tiny. He is quite friendly and follows you around. I am calling him Squirt.
Stella, the Anatolian loves her charges. She dug her way into the stall to be with the new lambs. Prior to that she was in the lambing corral with the week old lambs. She helps the new moms dry the lambs. I watch her and the ewes will lick one end and Stella will clean the other end. In no time, the newborn lamb is dry. The ewes are fine with her and some of them will lay next to her. This first time mom was a lamb last year and grew up with Stella.
So Stella decided her other lambs that were a week old would be fine without her and the lambs born today needed her undivided attention. So she tunneled her way into the stall and I let her stay.

After dinner, the lamb decided Stella was a good warm blanket to snuggle with.  So he did and she nuzzled him, In fact, most of the lambs go to her and sleep next to her and she licks them. After every big meal, Squirt  goes to Stella for a nap.

Well, mom decided she had to do this as well. She used to snuggle next to Stella last year so why not do that this year? Look, a real snuggle fest. Soon all were fast asleep and no doubt dreaming of sun and perhaps weather above 55 degrees?

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gvmama said...

Love the photos. Very endearing.