Monday, March 24, 2014

Bye Bye Baby

Maid was a super foster mom for the lamb. She took care of the lamb for a week. She cleaned the lamb and snuggled with it. The lamb was happy  to have a mom who doted on him.
Lamb taking a nap after his bottle. See how Maid is smiling!!
Maid would stand guard or would snuggle with the lamb. She would not let any of the other dogs near the lamb. rain ignored her warning growl and went to see the lamb. For her efforts, she got a huge tumble by Maid, then shrieked and went running to her bed. Nikki went to the barn as she was not going to give up to checking out the lamb.  Nan hid in  the bedroom. I stayed on the couch until the lamb needed to be fed.
But all good thing must come to an end. A pet home was found for the lamb and he went home tonight. She was a lady who moved from the UK and had sheep. She wanted a pet lamb and knows all about raising an orphan. She took him and I think named him, "Hope"
Maid followed the lamb out to the car and looked perplexed as her baby was being loaded. I told her that he got a new mama and as she drove off, Maid stood in the driveway, staring down the road for a few minutes. It was sad but she did a tremendous job is raising the lamb.
Good dog, are one of a kind!

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