Monday, March 17, 2014

Maid and her new baby...lamb, that is...

If you raise sheep, you are going to have the bottle lamb now and then. This lamb's mom had one bad side and hardly any milk on the other so we pulled her lamb for a while. During the day the lamb will go back to mom and at night, in the house. He is being bottle fed and is a large lamb.  He was cold when we brought him in  and we put him in front of the fireplace to warm up. He is in Maid's dog bed and she loves her dog bed. She was surprised to see something in her bed so she dashed up to chase off the intruder and put on the brakes when she realized it was not another dog. She carefully approached the lamb and sniffed it. She licked his bottom and then his face. For some reason, she has taken to heart that she must be the guardian of the lamb. If any other dog goes near her lamb, she runs and put herself between the lamb and the other dog. If the other dog doesn't move fast enough, she give a low growl.  Then after the other dog has left, she goes over and gives the lamb a little lick on the head. Then she gives the lamb a good sniff and settles down about five feet away. When I go up to the lamb, she fawns all over me, like a new mom with pups. I pet the lamb and she wags her tail.
I've been bottle feeding the lamb. Maid is right next to me and when I am down, she cleans him from top to bottom and licks the milk off his body. The she cleans his head really well and he nuzzles her and she wags her tail When she is satisfied that he is clean, she lays in the rug in front of him being a guard lamb dog! How neat is that.  She even does diaper duty.

Now, who would have thought that Maid would be a lamb's mom?

Certainly, not me!

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