Sunday, August 25, 2013

Working Dogs at Fido's

It's been a long time since I wrote a post on just working dogs. I've been in a slump since Tess died, and I lost a lot of my passion. It's slowly coming back but very slow. It take time to heal and I am still healing. It will be a while longer. Just when I think I am fine, I see a photo then get sad again.
So Janet and I decided to go to Fido's and work out dogs. Since Maid managed to forgot most of her downs at the last trial, I took her. Janet took Sava and Jude. The day was overcast then got sunny. Sure was glad we brought lots of water.  Since we will be running in a trial next weekend, we figured it would be a good idea to work on the issues.
I worked Maid up close and she was perfect. Then I did the flanks about 150 yards away and she started to do the same issues she exhibited at the trial. I did some corrections and she suddenly saw the "light". We worked on this for a bit then held sheep for Janet. 

Jude had some picking sheep off people issues but he saw me holding his sheep and did well. He is maturing quite nicely and tries so hard to please. He was doing some nice outruns and straight lifts.

Janet worked Sava as well. She has only owned her for a few months and they are starting to connect. However, Sava was not willing to take an inside flank into pressure so we worked on that. Soon, she figured out it wasn't so bad and was trying her hardest to do it right.

we kept working on proper outruns, lifts and pacing on the fetches. The day was going well so we took a break for lunch. we went to a Chines place that we went the last time we did a work session at Fido's. The same, cheerful waitress was there and the food was just as good. They give you huge, heaping plateful that you can't eat so we had leftovers for dinner. 

Then we went back for a quick session. The dogs ran well and we did most of a course. As I was running Maid, Sava bolted from Janet and worked as well, so then I was running a brace. It worked out, then Janet worked Sava to make sure she listened to her. Jude did an outstanding drive, that was past his limits but did it well. In the end, all the dogs worked well and it was a much needed day for me to get back on track.

To top it off, we stopped at MacDonald's and got hot fudge sundae for me and a shake for Janet.  It was a good end to a fine working day.

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