Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tending Queen

So I do tending each night after I get home. Mainly for a couple of being we are short on pasture and the other, is that it relaxes me after a stressful day at work. if I have time, I will let one of the younger dogs do tending while I sit and drink a root beer. If there is a time issue, I use Nan, Maid or Rain.
I turn the sheep loose in an area and have the dog hold them. The sheep are pretty good about staying and the girls have figured out their job.  However, there is one ewe that loves to try to sneak into the barn to get alfalfa or to the chicken runs to steal some chicken feed.
This ewe tried to bully over Rainey the other day. Rain is not the strongest nor the powerful dog that I have. But she is serious about her job.
I saw the ewe try to walk over and she held her ground. They went nose to nose and both refused to budge but finally Rainey back her down. I turned my back for a second then saw the ewe bolt.
She tried to jump over Rainey. She decided not to do that anymore.
I had to pull the wool out from Rainey's teeth as it was stuck! And I guess my little dog is braver than I thought she was!

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