Thursday, August 22, 2013

Border Collie up a tree

Owners of a missing dog were happy but amazed to hear that it had been found safe and well - up a tree. Laddy, a seven-year-old border collie, had disappeared from his home in Davenport, Iowa, two days earlier, reports the Quad City Times.
Owner Cynthia Weeks said: "I was beside myself. We went around calling for him, and I drove around. I put it on my Facebook pages, and we put fliers out around the neighborhood."
Laddy /Quad City Times
Two days later, Ron Stevenson was working in his yard a couple of blocks away when he heard a dog barking and then whining. He looked around but could see no dog. Finally, he looked up and spotted Laddy - at least 10 feet up a tree near his driveway. He called police but decided to try a rescue attempt.
"I didn't know if the dog would bite me, but I just sort of shimmied up the tree. I grabbed him by the collar and sort of pulled him. I said, 'It's time for you to get out of this tree'," he said.
"I had taken a picture, thank goodness. I showed it to the police when they got there, of course. By then, I'm standing there with a dog I had reported being up a tree."
By coincidence, the police officer had seen one of the family's fliers, and knew where the dog lived and was able to reunite him with Ms Weeks. She said: "I asked where they found him, and the officer said, 'You'll never believe this'. If he didn't have that photo, I'm not sure I would have believed it."

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