Monday, August 19, 2013

LaCamas quick report

I am still tired form the trial. But here is the report in a nutshell. As usual, the trial is a top ranked trial and the judge was Tommy Wilson. He did an excellent job. He didn't laugh at me so he gets bonus points. The sheep were fresh yearling which handled better than last year but I sure didn't handle my dogs well. Course was tough but for most of the trial, it was overcast and not over 85. A few hours in the afternoon, it was blazing hot but the weather this year was the best. The morning was cloudy and cool and perfect.
Nan ran out well the first day, but was offline on the fetch and wouldn't stop until the panels. The turn was decent but the missing the panels and the wide turn cinched the deal. Got the shed but no pen. Maid ran out well and mimicked Nan on the fetch, a bit a little worse. She was on the muscle on the drive and we faltered. Got a nice shed after the sheep raced about but timed out at the pen. They are afraid of Maid.
On the second run, Nan had a almost flawless outrun, lift and fetch, losing only five points. The turn was nice then the sheep broke down the fence so we got hit hard for that. The first leg was nice, hit the panel, then high then low, then missed the panels and to the shed. Nice shed and almost got the pen. Tommy commented on how fit she was.
Maid was keen on her outrun, did well, then offline on the fetch. She must have forgot her listening ears back at the trailer as she was on the muscle on the drive. Nice turn then we lined them for a sweet crossdrive, then she decided to go up the field instead. Got it back, then at the last turn, she did it again so I am sure we got a token point for the drive, Got the shed and the sheep were marching in the pen, when she decided not to down, leaped up and prevented the last three from going in and we ran out of time. I have no idea why she went for a extra drive or not downing so will be doing homework with both of the dogs on the fetch issues. Oh well, such is life.
The BBQ dinner was excellent and the pork roast was super tender. Ice cream sundae was dessert and I got extra fudge and soon my wounded pride was healed. I took some pixs and will post this weekend. More later but the trial was superb, too bad my handling wasn't!

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