Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Greeter Meter and Lap Warmer

Tess used to be my Lap Warmer but at 14.5 years old, she doesn't want to jump in our laps anymore. She is getting quite stiff and would rather stand and have you pet her. And feed her treats. (she is on a diet)
Tess used to be the Greeter but has slacking on that role as well. Rainey shoved all the other dogs aside for that role. Usually the first dog to greet someone gets some sort of treat. Especially if it is my mother.
The lap warmer role was also open and Rainey jumped at the chance. Rain has taken up the slack for her mother, Tess I would be lying if I didn't say she was spoiled. I certainly think she is probaly more spoiled than Tess. I know, hard to imagine, huh! But Tess is spoiled but is not a diva about it. Rainey is a DIVA.  If she was human, she would be Madonna, Jennifier Lopez  or some rock star.
When we have company, Rainey has to check out the laps. If you get her in your lap. then you are good to go. Wayne just sat down and Rainey hopped up in his lap.
Ok, he passed the test.

Good enough for a kiss.

Auntie Janet was here too. Rainey jumped into her lap and got some kisses. She loves her Auntie Janet. Sometime she goes and stays with her.  Then she gets spoiled even more.
Yep, I sure am glad to see the Greeter Meter and the Lap Warmer is working well at our house.  Just remember if you come over, you might have Rainey in your lap!

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