Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Help our Senior citizens with the "COME ALIVE" project

A horse friend of mine, Bruce Kesler  (Arabians) has a son, Jason, who is doing great for our seniors. citizens For a young man, he is doing wonderful work for our seniors. Do you have a relative or friend in a nursing or assisted home and that maybe not there...ever try to hold a conversation and want to be able to see them be alive or responsive again? Well, they have found out that music DOES make a difference. What until you see the video below. It is very touching.
Jason is helping senior come alive through the "COME ALIVE" project. All they need are your old CD to help with this project. Get those CD that have been sitting around and send them to Jason and help a senior citizen come alive. All the info is below and feel free to comment. Make some senior citizen have a wonderful Christmas.
I think it is wonderful that a young man is thinking of others. We need to foster and support young folks like him! Please donate!
...from Bruce......

Jason is 12, in 7th grade, with straight As. This project started as his choice of community service for his Bar Mitzvah and for the Boy Scouts. Jason has earned First Class and is working on Star in the Boy Scouts. In early April, Jason's Bar Mitzvah will be in Jerusalem. -- Jason is very enthusiastic about this project


My son Jason, 12, is volunteering at a local senior citizens facility. A project called COME ALIVE through music revives residents in its acute care and Alzheimer wings to make contact with themselves through the music they loved in their younger years. Residents who are otherwise inert and non-communicative are sparked to move and verbalize their memories and feelings. If you think this isn't possible, please watch the entire video below.

Jason's project is to rip 20s and 30s Swing and Big Band, 40s-50s Show Music, and even some of the best 60s rock (there are some disabled younger residents) music and songs from CDs onto individualized mixes that can be played for the residents on their iPods and earphones. College students who are majoring in therapy track the results and tweak the mixes. The benefit to the residents is astounding and heart warming.

For legal copyright reasons, the music can't be simply ripped from Youtube. It must come from CDs.

Many of you have CDs at home that you no linger listen to of these types of music. PLEASE donate the CDs to this project. Just Comment below and I will directly email you, or email me directly at EMAIL and I will quickly get back to you with the address to mail the CDs.

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