Friday, July 6, 2012

Pre-Trial rituals at Magnolia Trial

Kathleen and I drove down after work to get to Roseburg and finally got all settled in.  I run tomorrow in the 4th spot so we will be getting up early, then have a long break until I run y second dog. Then Kathleen will run Josh in the Nursery Class. They are hosting a dinner and we are bringing a side dish. The weather is going to be hot, hot so for once, I do not have to wear my rain gear.

We stopped at a rest stop and saw this sign at the entrance to the women's room. Do you think they meant Border Collies?

We are checked in at the Best Western and Nan and Maid are doing their pre-trial ritual snooze. Notice there is hardly any room left on the bed for me! Kathleen and I had our Mike's hard Pink Lemonade as our pre-trial ritual.

The runs start at 8 and I hope the dogs do well for both of us. This is a first time for both of us at this trial. More info tomorrow as I am going to bed, early for once!

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