Saturday, July 21, 2012

Palm Cottage - Sat Open runs

Laura Vishoot hosted a fun filled trial called "Palm Cottage" in Cottage Grove, Or. Amanda Miliken was the very capable judge and 57 dogs ran today.The weather started off cool and but ti worked well for the sheep. Four, fat sheep were held over 650 yards away and then dogs had to go through a gate to get to them. Most of them did not see the open gate and as a result, crossed over. The drive was over a small ditch and the cross drive was on the side of a hill. You had to do a shed and them put the sheep into a festively, decorated pen. Tons of Hawaiian decorated covered the farm and made it very bright. Laura and Steve go all out to make this a super five star trial and it was just that. 

Part of the deal was you had to dress up on Saturday. I got a bright Hawaiian shirt and called it good. Derek Fisher, on the other had, won the award for the most festive attire. He had a monkey on his back, a ukulele, leis, camera and all sort of stuff that made him look like a tourist.
Derek and Tweed.

He won the one was even close!

Maid was first and she ran out and I stopped her and flanked her out and she didn't cross but made it through the gate. She started the lift then went in front of the sheep as if to stop them on the fetch, then took them sideways. They were behind the treeline for a bit and soon three came through the gate so I stopped her. Then the fourth came trotting out and we finished the fetch. As Kathleen said, "Maid took them behind the trees to have her way with the sheep." The turn was a bit wide but we got them strengthened out and did a OK drive, a bit Ziggy as she was slicing her flanks. The last turn was wide and she got them on line to the shed. I got the shed and she held it but the judge wanted to see the dog walk on so I flanked her a wee bit. The sheep tried to run out of the shed before and she was "HOT" and ready to floss so I scolded her, so needless to say, having her walk into the face was not a good idea. She gathered them up proper and we timed out at the pen. She placed 13th out of 57 dogs and just missed getting a few points for the Finals.

Nan ran out then was unsure as she saw no sheep. I stopped her but she just barely crossed then saw the sheep and cast out. She came in flat and got them offline so we worked to get them back online. She was slicing badly and we missed the fetch panels. We had a shaky start of the drive but she settle down and had a nice, quiet cross drive and turn. We got the shed in record time and it was so fast and clean, that I really don't remember much of it. We had the sheep lined up several times for the pen but they refused to go in and we timed out.

it was very tough but a challenging course. About 50% of the Open dogs did not get a score today. I saw my glaring errors and hope tomorrow that I can fix them.
Katie, the fashion model.

Laura and Steve had a wonderful Hawaiian dinner that was rice, mac, chicken pork and beef, all cooked in a Luau style. everyone is lounging in their chairs since we ate so much and couldn't move.

Patrick and Riggs had a near perfect Open run that set the standard at 91 points.  He showed that it was do-able. Plus he is just a geniune guy to boot!

Off to bed as it is late. I will take photos tomorrow.

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