Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Palm Cottage - Nursery, PN and Novice

The last day of Palm Cottage was the Nursery runs (two), Pro Novice and then Novice. The classes were fun and the sun decided to make an appearance. I even got a tan!  The sheep were set on the side of the hill, which sucked most of the dogs in on the side, mine included, then a fetch and a left hand drive. It was pretty close to the Open drive but short on the crossdrive. Back to the post and then to the pen in six minutes.

The two Nursery classes ran first.  Josh ran out well and at the last section of his drive timed out. The sheep were not easy and if given a chance, would bolt to the exhaust.  If the dog was weak or unsure, they would stomp and refuse to move. It took clever work to get them through the course. The pen was very tough and a few handlers had the sheep in the mouth of the pen when time ran out. 

Suzy had a sweet run with Bea.

Then Suzy repeated her win with Brynn....this dog needs to come home with me! 

OK, Suzy keep winning with your quiet, controlled run. You are an inspiration! Suzy was very helpful to anyone who hand any questions. Rainey went out then slowed down at the top, her eye catching her. I had to flank her and she finally lifted the sheep and did a nice lift. She worked hard on keeping a straight line on the fetch and the sheep did not even offer to break to the exhaust. She had one of the nicest fetches. Her drive started very nice and on the last half of the cross drive, the sheep bolted up the hill. She caught them and got them through the panel and brought them at a good clip to the pen. I had to encourage her to keep on their heel and keep them moving but she did everything I asked of her. At the pen, they stood and faced her and thought about breaking to the exhaust.  She stood in their faces and did not give ground. Slowly we began to inch them in the pen when the time ran out. She ran well and I had to encourage her but she gave me her all.

Rainey placed third with her run. I was surprised but very happy. She tries hard and does everything I ask of her. First place was Suzy, second was Bobbie Block, Rainey was third and Barb McPherson was fourth.

Seriously folks, this is one super-duper trial. Awesome atmosphere, great people, tough sheep and top ranked in my book. Kathleen and I were talking about the trial on the way home and concluded it had a very festive and supporting group of people, excellent judging and  a challenging course. Laura Vishoot and her husband, Steve open up their picturesque farm and open up their hearts to everyone. I haven't had that much fun in a long time and laughed so hard that my sides hurt.

More photos this week and another recap. Thanks to Laura and Steve for a wonderful time and a memories that will be joyful to me!

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