Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magnolia Sheepdog Trial- Sat

Today was part one of the two day Sheepdog trial at Magnolia Farm owned by Ellisa Thau and her husband. It is in Roseburg, which is in southern Oregon. The weather was hot, hot and in the 90 plus. But it was nice for me getting some sun.

The sheep were Montedales crosses and the freshly weaned lambs were some of the nicest lambs that I have ever seen. Fat, square and very healthy, they tested all the dogs. The ewes were quite clever and knew the draws. I really LOVE her sheep as I had to be on my toes for them.

Nan was 4th up and the first three drive were not successful. The crossdrive and second panel made short work of the dogs. Nan ran out nice, lifted well and had a super fetch. We turned the post and  these sheep lined up nice, hit the first panels and a nice turn. Since the prior dogs had let the sheep slid down the hill, mu plan to to run then on the grassline up higher. The crossdrive was on the side of a hill and the sheep ran down the hill and would completely miss the second panels. I tucked the sheep high, held then there and let then slip down the hill at the second panel. I was quite proud that plan worked and she brought them into the shed ring. I got them settled,  a tiny opening appeared andshe came through for a clean shed. She put them back together and we went to the pen. We ate up a lot of time at the pen as the sheep did not want to go in but I got them in. I knew I was running short on time and had about ten seconds left as I went to do my single. I got it with three seconds to spare. 

Maid ran later in the day. She was calm and took a nap before her run. She ran out quickly on the away side, her eyes fastened on sheep when she tripped in a ditch. She went head over heels, got up rattled, shook herself off and then continued. But it messed her up on her run as she was pretty rattle by the hard fall. She came out nice behind the sheep, lifted sideways, took them sideways towards the setout person and I finally got to her. I got her to get them back on line for the last half of the fetch. The turn was wide and she was pushing on the first leg and not steadying as I asked. We got the turn,  the crossdrive was ragged and she was still rattled. I sent her comebye to make the turn so she tried away so I got her to back off so we missed high and then she pulled three through the panels. At least the line to the shed ring was decent. She was edgy at the shed and the sheep were scared of her. I got a shed, called her through  so it was a ugly shed but she got it. We timed out at the pen as she was rattled and not holding the pressure. I got her cooled off in the creek and made her relax. Later I had a vet check her out, and her shoulder was sore and I had a deep therapy laser treatment done on her. I also massaged her and gave her herbal supplement for her muscle issues.

Kathleen ran Josh in Nursery.  He cast out nice and got deep behind his sheep. His outwork is pretty consistent all the time and he really shines there. She was almost done with his drive and then timed out at the last leg. Up to that point, she only lost five on the drive. Josh had the best outwork for the Nursery class,

Janet and Jude had a good run too. She really is doing well with him, His outwork was good and she helped him through parts thatg he needed her help. One time a ewe broke to bolt to the exhaust and he turned her and marched her back in the group. She did good on the last part of the crossdrive as it was very ahrd for him and he completed the drive. She was at the pen when she timed out. She had third best outwork for the Nursery class.

We had a wonderful handler's dinner hosted the the Elissa and crew. I ate too much and as a result am too tired to write any more and need to go to sleep! Excuse the typos as I am quite tired.

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