Friday, June 24, 2011

Quick recap of Friday's Run at Eweful Acres

We had the PN, Ranch and Novice runs today. It was wet, drizzley, cold then sunny. Hope gave me a blanket to keep my lap warm as I got cold. The PN handler meeting was at 7 and it was a regular course and run on hair sheep. I entered Rainey and we were number 52 so I cheered my friends on all day. Hope ran Tigr and laid down a nice run to get 4th, (I think).

Finally our turn came. I sent Rainey to the away side and she went deep, then her eyes locked in. I gave her a couple of redirects and she got going. She was a little worried at the top but I got her going and we got the wayward sheep back online. We got the gate and the last half of her fetch was nice. Nice turn and superb first leg, tucked through the panel and nice first half of the crossdrive. Then we got a little high and she was having a hard time taking the flank, so I laid her down and shouted her out for the flank. She took it, missed the panel but got then back online for the third leg and tucked them neatly in the pen.  Two of her outrun, three of the lift, nine for the fetch and drivne and none off the pen for a score of 69. This was the first time we went to the post and in a higher class. She placed 11th out of 52 or so dogs. We do need a little work but I do like how she tried for me. She was super biddable for me and I need to work on her confidence but she has come a long way.

I missed most of the Ranch runs as I had to take care of all the dogs back at the trailer but watched the Novice runs. Deb and her Aussie, Spyder laid down a sweet run (little offline on fetch) but nailed the pen and placed third. Deb handled the sheep and her dog quite well and was quiet and it was great cheering for her. We expect to see them more.

Deb and I have been grilling dinners and hanging out. She is a vey sweet and nice person and I am glad I got to met her. She is also a photographer and I can't wait to see her work.

The dinner crew (me, Deb, Ruedi, Fran, Anna) 

We had a potluck dinner at Bonnie's trailer tonight. Tess was my sidekick and also ate well. We had steak, shrimp, girilled peppers, mushrooms and all sorts of other goodies. There was some alcohol involved and a good time was had by all.

I will get a copy of the scores and post them tomorrow.

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