Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kinloch Wynn and Kinloch Kiwi's dam, Meg

Sometimes you come across a great bitch and go "Ah, I love this dog"...I did so when I visited Angie and Kelvin a few years ago. She worked Meg and I was impressed by the "fire in her belly"....and it has been a true fire, I might add.

Meg is a Welsh Team Member, 2011 World Trial  as well having won numerous Open trials and placing in the top 6 in 36 other trials. She is a solid, keen minded bitch with gumption. She will walk straight into a stroppy ewe and not give ground.   She has a trial record that is outstanding and she will continue to be unstoppable.

Photos: Angie Driscoll

This photo is like Kiwi handles her stock! This is Meg back in wales.

So when I had a chance to buy two pups  from her "Joe" litter, I quickly snagged them up. Wynn is a keen tri male and Kiwi is my heart and soul, keen as heck future trial dog. Both are outstanding dogs with tremendous work ethics from Meg and Joe.

Meg is a top outstanding bitch that is not only a top Open dog but her pups have proven themselves in Nursery and Open. You want a bitch that can throw that work ethic and prove it. Meg has done it time and time again.

I really want to thank Angie for sending me Wynn and Kiwi. They are part of  the cornerstone of my foundation as well as my future trial dogs.

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And if you need to get a outstanding dog or pup from the UK, go to Kinloch Sheepdogs

And Angie has two books available: BOOKS

And if you fancy a place to stay, they offer  Accommodations.

Angie and Kelvin are the nicest people and I love them dearly. I think I need to go to the UK to see them again!

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Donna Brinkworth said...

What a nice post dedicated to two lovely people and Meg! I love reading your blog, and Angie's too.