Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photography available

People have approached me for my photos that I have taken. Up to a certain point, I have been giving select photos to people for their website (examples such  Sue Wessel, Janet Thorpe or Monique Feyrecilde) who asked and got permission and put acknowledgement on their site but now if you want any photos, I will be charging for my service as it takes time to take the photos, do the editing which can take up to 15 minutes per photos and so forth. Some runs I have taken over a hundred shots.

I can shoot a CD of your dog's run at a trial, stock work or even posed photos. You get to review the jpegs and if you like them, then purchase a CD or even singles. You can use the purchased copyrighted photos on your website. You cannot lift from my blog or anywhere else, beg, borrow or steal any photos that I have taken as they belong to me.

This policy is effective immediately for all photos, regardless of any agreements, implied or otherwise, or if you think you want free photos just because you are special.

I have found that one of my photos was used without my permission for a greeting card. Some have been used on websites without my permission. I work hard to purchase my camera equipment and it takes time to process the photos so this does not mean you get free photos. I won't be charging an arm or leg but enough for my time.

Roo tending the sheep on my front lawn.


BCxFour said...

Here is a link to a good website that will tell you how you can put a HUGE ASS WATERMARK on your pictures to ensure they will not be 'stolen'. It also explains about hosting on Flickr etc.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I like to share my work but when people expect it for free or demand, with no credit or $, that is when I draw the line.