Friday, June 17, 2011

Arrived at Whidbey Island

Quick recap......I am at Whidbey and have spotty Internet connection. The field is freshly mowed and has rolling terrain. The outwork is standard but the drive is around the post, back through the f etch panels, through one drive panel then pull through the cross drive panel, then last leg is through the fetch panel, then shed and pen. Got that? I sure as don't.

Roo and Nan have been spot on during practice so I hope it carries through for the runs. The weather is supposed to rain and be cold. Today, ti warm and luxurious and I sat in a field and relished in it's delight.

Bob Dias came up from Ramona, CA to run Cloud, Rock and DeltaBluez Koko in Open and DeltaBluez  Kira in Nursery. They all looked good in practice this morning.  We worked Nayab's sheep in his new field and it  was great. Fresh lambs and wily ewes made it fun!

Rainey went with me on this trip. I am getting her to used to being on the road with me as next weekend we will be running her in PN. She is enjoying herself and sleeping on the bed with Nan. Tess stayed home with Getty to keep him company.

We took the ferry over to the Island and it was glorious to have the bright sun on our faces while the choppy waves lapped at the bow of the ferry. The sky was crystal blue with high scatter white clouds that looked like faint white pain being diluted in a vat of blue. Seagulls hung over our heads, cawing and holding steady as if they were our guides.

We got the the trial field and got set up. Bob backed up my trailer since I suck at that and helped me set up. it helped me tons and I really appreciate it. I have a nice view of the drive section of the course so I can have coffee in my warm and dry trailer when I am not running.

Handler's meeting is at 7 so I will be going to bed soon so I can get up at 6 to take care of the dogs and have coffee. I have my Kindle to I can read for a bit. I got that as my birthday present a year ago and I love it.

well, off to bed wiht the dogs and thinking of running aa perfect course tomorrow!

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