Monday, June 9, 2008

Introducing Kuro....

Introducing Imported Kuro...actually he has been here for a bit...I have been slow to put his blog up.

I got Kuro from the UK. Angie Driscoll, my good pal, did all the work to get me this wonderful pup. He is the son of Bobby Dalziel Jamie. On his dam side, he is heavily bred Dalziel lines too. Angie knew that I love Jamie and got me Kuro. I so owe her!! Angie just rocks!!

He was born in Dec and has grown into a leggy guy. He LOVES people and is very sweet and loving.

He will be on stock soon but now, he is just growing up and enjoying being a puppy.

Jamie- Sire

Bess - dam


Monique said...

He is a handsome pup. I hope he is everything you are looking for.

Janet said...

What a great-looking pup! He'll be fun to watch come up.