Monday, June 16, 2008

"The Age of Innocence"

The pups are growing up now. Rainey is still Jeff's little Princess. She knows it too. She just had to bat her eyes at Jeff and she is forgiven. That doesn't work too well with me. I guess I am the rule enforcer around these parts and Jeff is the benevolent dad.

I just got two new Pet Nest dog Beds. They replaced the two worn out ones that I had for a few years. Tess and Nan each picked their beds and had been hanging out in their respective beds. Tess also lets the pups share her bed. She is very tolerant of her pups still and lets them get away with a lot.

So this weekend, the dogs were all tucked in their dog beds and I was reading a newspaper online. I turn around and see that Rainey has taken over Tess's bed and Tess is on the hard wooden floor. She doesn't seem to mind. I go back to reading the newspaper.

Rainey looking innocent!!

Every have one of those moments when you know something is not quite right?

I had that feeling and turned around.

Nan was asleep in her bed. Check-Good!!

Tess is asleep on the floor. Check-Good!!

Rainey has flipped her new dog bed over and shredded the bottom into about a million pieces BUT has not shredded the cover. Check- NOT GOOD!!

I can't get mad at her as she was quite proud of her handiwork.

Ah, the Age of Innocence

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Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Isn't this one of those times when you're supposed to roll up a newspaper and hit yourself over the head with it chanting something about paying more attention to the puppy?


Actually, she's quite the cutie and I'd probably have trouble being mad at that face myself. Not that it would help to do anything after the fact anyway.