Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting better and working the pups

I was suppose to go to a trial this weekend but bailed. The trial host was cool about it and got someone on the waitlist to fill my spot. That was very nice of her. I really appreciated it.

On Wednesday I had a bad episode and my head felt like it was going to explode. So in the best interest of my health, I felt it would be wise to stay home.

Today, it was nice and sunny and I putzed about the farm. I cleaned up the tack room which was in disarray since the accident. Then Chuck (one of my students with Teddy) came over and helped me muck the last horse stall. He did most of the work. Thanks Chuck.

When he first came here, he was in his bee suit, a big white Pillsbury doughboy suit. He is a bee keeper and has a couple of hives on the farm. After he fiddled with the bees then he went to the barn. Tess spied him and barked at the strange white ghost but then settled down once she realized it was Chuck. Nice to know that I have such a good guard dog in case any other bee keepers should stop by!!

Chuck helped me do a video of Coll. I have Coll for sale and the possible buyer wanted a video. I got a new cell ph that does short videos so Chuck took Coll into the pen and worked her. Chuck has come really far since he started. In a few minutes, he had her going both ways and downing on command. In addition, he was able to keep her at the right distance form the stock. Luckily I was able to best the new technology on my cell phone and got some good videos. Coll hasn't been worked in a month and this was Chuck's first time with her. he did great.

Then we decided to work, Clip, Kael, Anson and Rainey. They are 7 months old. (Tess x Scott). Chuck and I took turns.

1. Rainey may be small but she is a gripper and fearless. she is a take charge type of dog. Fast and fearless and kept them grouped nicely and tight but she rated herself well. She went both directions and called off fine. She is a pistol in a small package.

2. Clip was not sure at first but got the idea and was good. He favored one side but did well. He really responded well to Chuck.

3. Kael was not too sure at first, a bit timid but then the light bulb went off. He loves to head the sheep so we worked on balance and he got the idea. He has the most eye of the pups

4. Anson was not sure at first and then figured it out. He has a nice gather and balance. He was doing great and called off well

We worked the pups in short sessions and had a blast. They all got better and then we let them play in the yard.

By this time, my brain started to overload so Chuck headed home and I headed up to the house.

Tess, Nan, Rainey, Shiro and I are all hanging out and going to bed early. Jeff was very proud of his Rainey.

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