Monday, May 19, 2008

Wolf Hybrid attacked my sheep and horses

It's been a while since I have posted to the blog. A lot of stuff has happened in the last 2 weeks.
So needless to say, I've been offline dealing with those. Today I will tell Part one of a Two part story. Tomorrow will be about the horse riding accident.

Tuesday May 6, 2008
1. Wolf Hybrid attacked my horses and sheep. end results was Five sheep dead and one lamb and Tess was hurt. As I was driving to work I saw the wolf hybrid in my leased filed killing a sheep. I chased it off and it ran back to the owner's trailer. Allison was parked (squatting) on Tractor Bob's land...she was told to leave two weeks prior and had not. I pounded on her camper and she woke up and denied it all. it's hard to deny it when your wolf mix is covered in blood and running loose and you are sleeping in the camper. who in their right mind would let their wolf mix run at large in the farming community?

I called Jeff and he came out with Tess to find the sheep and horse that had busted/chased out at the far end of the field. Meanwhile I got in touch with work and made sure my meeting were covered so I could deal with this. As Jeff was going over the busted fence/gate to recover the sheep and horses who were running loose on Highway 203, Tess leaped over the busted gate/fence and her side got ripped open. Jeff didn't know this until a few minutes later as she was darting off to get the sheep. he got the horses off the highway and they ran down the busy road and then down our turnoff and then for home.

Jeff put the sheep back in the pasture and went and got me so we could get the sheep home but the sheep again busted out and went down the the locals stopped traffic and Jeff and I raced and got them loaded in the truck. There were three of them. Then Jeff took Tess to the vet to get stitches.

I got home and saddled up Emmy and rode all over the pasture trying to find the other four sheep. I found a dead one and then one of the sheep we had brought home went through the hot wire and back to the field where this all occurred. She apparently loves Emmy, the horse and feels safe with her so we, Scott (Border Collie) Emmy (Arab) and Sheep walked home and I put her in a stall. She was pretty badly mangled.

So Jeff get back from the vet and the bill was $449. I had talked to the Animal Control and they said that Allison was responsible for
A. Dead or wounded sheep
B. Damaged fences and busted gate
C. Any injury to Tess as a result since her wolf mix caused the horses/sheep to bust down the fence/gate to escape
D. Any vet bills
E. Any further losses

I stopped by and talked to Allison who said she would pay for everything. She also talked to Vet John Carr and told him she would pay. I had called John Carr when the attack happened so he could come out and see the damage. Allison said she did not have any money but would give me a saddle and clippers as payment so we agreed on that.

Vet Audrey came over and looked at the wounded ewe and it was found that her tailbone was pulled and broken from her body and hanging out and below her tail, there were large wounds into her body. We treated her and crossed our fingers. She also looked at the other ewe that was wounded and she was torn up but would recover. A day later, the wounded ewe aborted a lamb and then died.

On Tuesday morning the day of the attack, Jeff found one ewe dead in the ditch and no signs of the other three. They are dead but we don't know were.

Allison, being the person she was then packed her camper up and left and told Jeff on her way out that her "PASHA" never attacked my sheep and she saw two men in a white truck driving around in my field tow days prior and saw them killing the sheep and tossing them into the ditch.

Quite amazing as the gate is locked and I was feeding the sheep on Monday. All were accounted for...(unless they died and came back to life again!!)

Animal Control has been trying and needs to get in touch with Allison and she has fled. So she know places that she hangs out is randle and packwood. if anyone knows where she is located, drop me an email. She owes me $1500 in daamges at this point. She does not have a job but drifts from one place to another. She has a Foxtrotter and a mustang and need to board them so more than likely she will be there. She might still be in the Redmondto Monroe area.

Her name: Allison Farnsworth
Dodge Ram 2500 turbo diesel truck license # 1DRFLYF
Stock trailer license # 8218-SA

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