Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Taking Charge"

Kodiak has been here for over 7.5 yrs and he does his job well. Two years ago, we had a horrible barn fire and our barn burned down. Quite a few of my sheep were in a open stall and Kodi had to push/herd them out of the open stall out to that pasture. In doing so, his back caught on fire and he got it out by rolling in the mud. In our book, he is a hero.

Kodi takes his work very seriously and loves the baby lambs....they are curious and not afraid of him. He will lick their faces and let them climb all over him. Most of my foundation ewes were lambs when Kodi was a pup so this is a family affair. The ewes trust him and often will let him baby-sit while they graze.

Here a Clun lambs follows him as if to say "Are you my daddy?"
"Nope son, I am not, but I am your babysitter"

"Let me see your nose....it's dirty"

"Stay near me, ok?"

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Monique said...

He is such a good boy. Is he getting shorn like the sheep again this year?