Monday, March 10, 2008

Auntie Kristi.....our favorite photographer

We love you....all of us.....especially Kael, Anson and Tess.

Kristi took pixs of the gang at a trial in early Feb. Kael and Anson went to get socialized and soon were swept up in the loving arm of Bob and Jane. Bob has 2 beautiful women in his life, first one is Jane, his lovely bride and the second is Mojo, his stunning Border Collie. I am sure Jane is glad the *other woman* in his life is Mojo.

Kael, Anson and Tess sure were happy that Kristi took such cute pixs of them. Much better than Diane who wouldn't make a living with her photographic skills.

Anson loves Kristi since she has a gorgeous white headed male named Lou. Maybe Kristi can send a pixs of Lou so it can be put into the blog under "Gorgeous white headed Border Collies"

We can't wait for Auntie Kristi to comeback and take more pixs

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