Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Friends

Somewhere in the Grand Scheme of Life, there was a LAW that decreed that Cats and dogs were mortal enemies.

That would be fine and dandy, that is if the Cats and Dogs could read. And someone didn't tell this rule to Rigby and Cosmo, our barn cats. or our Border Collies and LGDs for that matter.

Rigby is the KING of the Farm....yes, all soaking, wet, FIVE POUNDS of him. And he loves puppies...I mean he really LOVES puppies.....they follow him in awe and he uses them as tiny chew toys and fuzzballs. The more puppies, the better in his eyes...the more to chase and play with....some might call it torment. The puppies moms just lay and watch as if "Cool, got me a babysitter and now I can take a nap in peace!!"

We kept Rainey, Kael and Anson from the last litter. As you all know by now, Rainey is the "Princess in training"...right behind her mom, the Queen Tess. Jeff helps by spoiling her quite a bit and they adore each other and are die-hard LSU fans.

But this last weekend in the few days we had of sunshine, the pups and Rigby were all out for a stroll. Every time the pups go for a walk, Rigby magically appears and we all take a walk.

First is Rainey and Rigby, well, just being "BEST FRIENDS"

Now, Rigby decides to have a little fun with Anson. Notice Anson is taking it all in....why, you ask...because....

...Rigly is sweet to Anson and is showing him to play "Simon Says".....mimic my movements exactly, put your front feet on this pipe, your back feet like this and look at me

So the pups are following Rigby about but then they soon mob him...

....and with Rainey hot on his heels, he runs up the fence post to soak up the last ray of sunshine....

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