Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rest in peace, JoJo Reinhardt

A bright light
in a sea of darkness
a ray of sunshine
on a cloudy day

a true friend
we grew together
through laughter and tears
in hard and good times

the road is not easy
and life is not kind
and friends help you
smooth out the path

the sea is rough
tossed about in the boat
you find comfort
in kind words

many miles we have traveled
many paths we have taken
but our friendship is strong
our binds are forever

I am blessed to have you as my friend
my sister so late in life
with your quick smile
and open arms

you took life with zeal
with death at your door
you laughed him away
and went on your terms

I wish I was as brave as you
your courage is the rock
your life is the force
that makes me believe again

God Bless JoJo Reinhardt
I will miss you and will love you forever

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