Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Shearing

We shear twice a year since we live in a wet area and the wool can get muddy.  Today was the fall shearing. Our shearer bailed so we scrambled and got Nick to cover the shearing at the last minute. He lives in NY and was back in town for a visit. We really like him and hope he will come back next year. I actually learned a little about wool from him today.
I was banned from any sheep work so had to be the photographer and also have Bliss do back up sheep work. She learned to grip in the chute today. Plus she had to  exchange words with the Icelandics who then decided to listen to her. Bliss was very happy to be backup dog today.

Kathleen and Josh (Kelpie) were the main working dog today. They tended the sheep after we sheared them and later put them away. Josh sure was enjoying the sheep worked today as it was something different. Audrey and Dan did the late afternoon shift.
Wayne, sheep wrangler. You will not out wrestle Wayne.

Tim, sheep wrangler and farm manager on Sundays He is not drinking a beer, although I am sure later he will be having a cool beer.
Mitzi, the wool queen who sorted the wool

Karol, Diane M and Janet, the tilt table crew. Audrey was on the tilt table crew as well but not pictured here. Janet and Diane M did the hoof trimming, Audrey did the worming and hood trimming and Karol was the scribe.  Her writing is wonderful so I think she will be the scribe for now on.  I got a C- in penmanship so you don't want me to scribe.

ME...look, my hair is growing back. Bliss loved helping today as it was her first shearing session. The sheep decided that Bliss was not to mess with!

 Nick the shearer. Super nice guy and great shearer. We really enjoyed him

 Ewe in the tilt table. This has helped save our backs so much!

 Blue Faced Leicester wool (mostly) super soft and buttery. For Sale.

The ewe that provided the nice fleece.
Much thanks to the crew who helped today. I really appreciate and no doubt the ewes are happy to be sheared. It was a sunny day and we had a good time.

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