Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bobbie the toy sheep goes on tour

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A toy sheep found discarded at a Scottish railway station has become an overnight celebrity - after going on holiday to Tenerife.
The stuffed animal - aka Bobbie -  was rescued by Trish and Drew Dingwall, who whisked him off to the popular holiday spot, where they took photos of him to send back home. The couple, from Fife, decided to take Bobbie on the trip after the toy became a talking point after being left out at Kirkcaldy Railway Station last month.

Commuters began asking about Bobbie and Trish and Drew decided to take the fluffy toy on holidays 'for a wee treat to cheer him up'.

The woolly sheep has now become renowned on the island after locals and holidaymakers joined in the fun by buying him meals, boozy drinks and presents. The couple are sending daily snaps of Bobbie's adventures back home, including him lounging by the pool, enjoying cocktails and building sandcastles on the beach.
Hockey coach Trish said: 'It was just done as a bit of a laugh for the staff at the station, but it has really taken off and people are commenting on Bobbie and what he is up to.

'People in the hotel are greeting him and he has even been bought drinks and presents - he is a bit of a celebrity.
'We went for a meal last night and he got his own menu and small glass of beer at the table - it is hilarious.
'At the pub we go to he has his own chair and drink, and the other night he was up doing karaoke too. He has also been invited to ice fishing in Canada next year too.
'One of the couples at the hotel came to say goodbye and told us how much they were going to miss Bobbie - not us.'
Staff at Kirkcaldy railway station have also been left amazed at the popularity of their new found furry friend.
Ticket inspector Avril Cargill said: 'It's absolutely hilarious and we have all been having a good laugh at Bobbie's adventures.
'We look forward to the daily updates, and other passengers have been asking about him. I am making a collage of all the pictures to put on show in the station.


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