Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, L&M Nana

Happy Birthday, my dear Nana......
You arrived as a 4.5 yr old and now are a retired beloved member of the house. Now at 13 years old, you are the matriarch.
Nan has taken me to the Finals several times and qualified many more times. She has won many Open trials and did fantastic in Double Lifts.  We learned  lot together. She arrived unsure about life as she had quite a few owners and litters but soon figured out she was going to stay. She became the official greeter and would meet everyone at the door and have an extended chat with them. And a clown to boot.
Times flies and last year at the Finals was her last hurrah. She still thinks she needs to go to trials and when I try to sneak away, she tries to go along.  She still is in fantastic shape for her age and still can win. But I use her at home for chores and that makes her happy.
Nan has been a godsend in my life, making me step up to the plate and become a better handler. It took me a while but she was patient. We did great a trials and were a force. I loved her for her open honestly and how she wears her heart on her sleeve.

She had acquired a few nicknames over the years. Nana-Banana, Boo, Beautiful, Sweetheart and Good Girl. She loves my mom and when she comes over, Nan abandons me to be with her and get Japanese food and dog treats. My mom thinks she is perfect and she is.


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Debbie said...

I have a granddaughter of Nana, and she acts (and looks) like her grandmother. The Nana pairing was Imp Drift x Nana, then from there dog Mik was bred by Joni Swank to Norm Sommer's Gyp, and Mick from that litter is Cassie's sire. She is certainly making me step up as a handler, too! Thanks for posting the pictures.

Debbie in WV