Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Sheepdog Scores

First of all, I am going to put the disclaimer in is that I didn't see all the runs and I will have typos and grammar errors but this is what you are gonna get. The sheep are hard to move, turning on the dog and they are having to get in their face and convince them to move. Proper face grip are ok but others are not. Morning was cold and brisk but warmed up around 10ish and of course I have a wool sweater on and sent the spouse back to the hotel for a few hours as he wanted to play disc golf.

 I am blogging on some of the runs but not all of them as we do not have wifi or power and I will run out of power. And I am taking breaks as well.

Ron Burkey and Sky had a grip on the drive as the sheep are being difficut Noelle Williams and Lad had a nice control run and stright lines but didnt pen but got a score of 143. Lad worked his heart out and it was a slow but smooth drive and still got a good score despite missing the fetch panels  and pen.

Marianna Schreeder and Cass had a nice run with her dog working hard but ran out of time and got 85. Patricia MacRae and Jim had a difficult set but worked hard but she walked on the crossdrive. She handled the fetch great as the sheep wanted to bust to the right or left but she made it look smooth. The sheep dipped low on her drive and had no intentions of going back online.

Nan had a difficult set that busted around the exhaust pen several times and had t be stopped by the horse to be held so I knew I was going to have a hard run and it was. She ran out nice, decent lift and they busted like banshee to the away side to the drive panels while she tried to get them online. She got them online and sweet turn at the post (our best achievement) and nice but little wobbly on the drive and she failed to hear the flank to turn. She did turn them way up the field and they turned on her and she couldn't punch them to move so we DQ. It  was tough but she tried hard and I cant fault her heart.

Elizabeth Baker and Ross ran nice with a few offline and got 113 and I didn't see much of her run as I walking Nan back to the car but what I did see of, he had the sheep under control.  Don Whittington and Woodrow, a striking looking dog, had to work hard and ran out of time for a score of 60. The fetch was good and made the panel and nice post turn. Tom Wilson ran the young Kate
who had to work hard to convince the ewes to move on the fetch an the begining of the drive but the drive smoothed out and he ran out of time as he was going into the shed ring. He got a score of 67.  I didn't see Mary Minor and Feist but she walked. I also didn't see Michele McGuire and Molly but she got a nice score of 129.  Bev Lambert and Nan stopped short on outrun, fetch was good with two slippng by, wide turn, good drive but slipped past the second panel, and good shed and long time at pen abut didnt get them in for 129.

Terry Parrish and Bryce had offline fetch, drive was wobbly and got the shed and pen for 96. Scott Glen and Bliss had to work just a tad at the top of the fetch but Bless convinced them it was in their best interest to move and they came through the fetch gates and nice but slow post turn. She had to let them know that doing the drive was a good idea and they minded the call, and trotted nicely and straight line and crossdrive but went high on the second panel. Super sweet shed (and a good lesson in how to shed the range ewes) and she was working hem in the pen when one broke and she stopped it with a quick grip but was called for a DQ. Nice run to watch and how to handle the range ewes. The sheep are much harder to pen today and not many people got the pen.

I didn't see Peg Wilkinson and Liz as I was going to take my dogs for the BAER testing which didn't pan out as they had a short and canceled and hope to have it going tomorrow. But she got a a score os 131 and Bev Lambert said she had a good go. Debbie Bailey and Camp got a DQ for a grip. Kristin Sittner and Spy had a DQ. Rose Anderson and Britti looked nice (the parts I did see) and handled them nicely for a score of 106. Don't know if she got a shed or pen. Lora Withnell and Bella, a good team, sized up the sheep and Bella got a good handle on them but wavered off on the last part of the drive. She had a sweet shed but timed out at the pen for 96. The judges are keen on straight lines. Mine were banana shaped.  Denise Leonard, with her first foray to the west and her dog as well) had a nice runs with coupe of missed panels but racked up a score of 122.   (I hung out with Denise later and she is such a cool person. I really like  her zest for life) I didn't see Chris Jobe and Fly's run but they must have rocked it as they got a score of 145.

Laura Vishoot and Doc handled the sheep nice and slow and they times out as the sheep were going into the ring. Score of 72. Nice team and super nice handler who was very kind to me when I started and alway positive. Love her!

Ellen Skillings ad Emer  got a score of 96 . Didn't see the run but heard lots of chapping.

Shauna Gourley and Keli sure have been consistent in the large trials and it showed in her run as Keli handled them with authority.  Nice and control and sheep are not fighting the dog. Nice turn at the post and steady first leg.   There must be a dead spot near the first panels and her dog stopped ad looked back but quickly took the flank and it is windy towards the handers which does't help.  Inside of the first panels and then low and missed the second panels low. Sheep keep trying to break but she had some clever manipulating and before the sheep realized it, the shed was there. Nice walk to the pen and it's very quiet as they are going slow to try to ease them in. The sheep are not trying to go in and one breaks but it is brought back.  Quiet as the sheep are in the mouth of the pen and Keli is holding the one side and then all turn to face the dog who holds fast.  Patience is a virtue and they work again and again to ease them in but time runs out. Nice work for a score of 140

Barbara Ray and Tab had a decent run with a few bobbles but Tab took a hold of a ewe in the shedding ring for a DQ. Bryan White and Scoop  had one particular hard set and one ewe at the post turn kept trying to break for the exhaust and he walked at the crossdrive. He tried his heart out and the sheep were tough. Joe Haynes and Keally had a fast fetch but at the last part the sheep turned and they went offline.   Nice post turn and the turns have been the bane of many handlers.  Keally kept the sheep at a good clip on the first leg of the drive.  Had a tight turn at the first leg and low on crossdrive but got them back online quickly.  Little high at the second panels but got them through and nice line to shed. He lined them up quickly ad got the shed,  Joe is patience at the pen and he gets them in. Score was 154!

Karen Stanley and Clare had a nice run, and offline on the drive but missed her panels (?)  but tidy line to the shed.   Nice shed and clean.  No pen.   Score of 88

Thad Fleming and Ali had good outrun, lift and offline and missed panels. First leg was going well but dog hooked them back and missed the panels on the inside.  Got them set up nice for the crossdrive but the ewes are moving quite fast. He lined them out and slowed them down, but they burst down the field for a low drive and Thad recovered.  At the last part of the second panel, they went low and he had to work and they went high and then missed them. Wide turns but he got back online. The sheep gave Ali a big opening and he took it and regathered in the ring. The sheep have no desire to go into the pen and two keep breaking. Ali is working hard to keep them together and one sheep bolted towards the audience. Ali went after her and had to leap the chain to turn the ewe and got them back in the mouth of the pen but time ran out for  score of 90

Jean Singer and Sly (First time to the Finals) and she sent to the away side. Most of the folks have sent to the left.  Sheep faced off the dog and they suddenly got respect and made the panels.  Little trouble at the post turn but got it done and good flow on the first leg of the drive. Low on the crossdrive but working well and got the second panels. Nice patience in the shed ring and excellent shed!Hard working at the pen and nice handling by Jean but time ran out. Quiet and controlled and sheep worked well. Score 146. Way to go!

Roy Tabor and York, (son of Biscuit) went out nicely, a few bobbles on the run. But he handled the sheep well and bobble at the second panel but made up for it in the shed. Off to the pen where,again the sheep didn't want in. Roy is nice and quiet but timed out on the pen for 105

Alasdair MacRae and Gael...went out wide but came back.  Nice fetch but missed the panels at the last moment but got them back online quickly.  First leg was nice and he held then tight to the line and made the panels but he had to work for it. Wobbly but he got them settled and online and hit the second panels dead on. Tight turn to the ring and a great lesson on how to handle these sheep!   Ok, that was a super fast clean shed in like 5 seconds and a smooth walk to the pen.  The audience held their breath while he slowly walked then in for a huge round of applause. Score  161. Wow!

Terry Folsom and Quin. ran out nice and fast.  Nice fetch and made the panels.  First leg was online then the sheep bolted offline on the inside.  Offline on the drive and missed the crossdrive panels. Setting them in the shed and it is getting warmer now. The sheep are moving a lot better than this morning.  She got her shed and moving them quietly to the pen.  Time and score of 102

Bill Fogt and Jill.  Deep outrun and nice lift. Made the fetch panels and nice fetch.  (Don Whittington is helping with the runs details)  Nice first line but they stalled then got them going, wobbly but made the panels and nice turn. Little low but back online,  and she came forward and got them going quicker.  Made the second panel and wide turn, and offline on the last leg. Worked the sheep to take the back two and then to the pen.  Time and score of 139.

Bob Hickman and Mojo. Made the fetch panels. Low on the crossdrive.  One sheep broke in the shed ring. He got the shed. Time at pen and score of 119

Don just informed me that has no beer or sad is that ? A cool beer would be just fine right now. And I noticed my typing sucks but oh well!

Wendy Schmaltz and Floss.  Nice outrun and good lift. Working hard to stay online and just whipped past the panels.  Fast on the last half but got them back online. They had a nice turn at the post.  First leg was nice then sheep flipped back and then a grip. Dog has lot of power and wont any sheep be a brat. DQ

Last run of the day is Derek Fisher.  Jen  heads off to the left and checks for the sheep on the way up. Sheep break hard to the come bye side and she gets them back and then to the other side. Then back again offline and missed the panel.Got them to his feet and they swirled but got around the post.  It took a bit to get them going on the first leg but with  skillful handling he got the panels but the sheep finally lined up proper for the crossdrive.   Low at the second panel with one ewe busting out and he sent Jen to get her. Got them together and made the panels and back online to the ring.   He settled the high headed ewes in the ring and lined the ewes up.  Nice shed and pretty hold. Sheep in the moth and makes a break but Jen scoops her up.  Derek is quiet and slowly convinces them to amble in and the crowd gives a big round of applause.  Score of 130

Well, I was wrong, this is the last run Terry Murray and Jess had nice fetch and turn. First line was good until first panel and missed it on the outside.  Low on the drive and one bolted just before the second panel and she got them back.  She made the panels and nice last leg.  Super shed and then to the pen.  One sheep bolted to the fence and she was called off. This is a nice team that was impressive


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