Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday sheepdog runs (all runs)

Thursday started off with the first few dogs either RT or DQ. The weather is nice and crisp with bright sun warming our chilled bones. Sunbeams sparkled off the local mountains whose crests are sprinkled with the early snow of winter. There is a nip in the air to remind you that winter is on your heels but not cold enough to shiver but cold enough to put a spring in your step.

I will be blogging on and off as I am running Maid and want to visit folks.  Lise Andersen and Piper got a DQ.  Bob Hickman and Ryder walked for a. RT.   Shaun a Gourley and Jade had a run that was nice until a DQ.  Denise Leonard had a good run but she walked at the first leg of the drive. She was handling her dog quite nicely.  Terry Folsom and Chance got a 97.

Bill Wilder and Russell, a well built red dog, and first time to the post, had a nice outrun but offline on the fetch. The sheep thought about being brats at the turn but soon wished up. The first leg was off and he got them online on the crossdrive, and came in nice for the shed. He called him in for the shed but it didn't hold so he tried again and the dog came in for a nice shed but the timer went off before the hold. Score of 81 and Bill is a super nice guy and good go for his first time

Ron Burkey and Shadow, another red dog, sure could handle the sheep quite well.  Nice outwork and drive, with a few bobbles and missed the second panels.  Shed was nice and they patiently worked them in the pen for a score of 161.

Heather Haynes and Lad, from Washington State, are next and she is smartly dressed!  This is her first  time tothe post at the Finals! Nice work on the outwork, a few bobbles on the drive, sweet shed and timeout on the pen. Score of 120 and excellent for a First time to the post! Way to go, Heather.

At this point I went to get coffee and shop so no blogging for a bit but here is the update.  Fred Temple and Jack 122 and no pen. Lona Brabdenburg and Sweet had a DQ.  Sandra Milberg and Quill had a RT.  Carol Clawson and Kita had a 103.

Roy Tabor and Craig had a nice run going but the dog left the field for a RT. No idea why.  Allen Mills and the 8 year old Sis, had a nice controlled run, with a sweet fetch (which is hard to get) and nice lines on the drive. (I took pixs so going on memory on this run)...He set up the shed and she waltzed in and then off to the pen. The sheep wanted to squirt to the side but she held her ground. They had a change of their minds and as they were working them in, the time ran out for a 131.

Don Helsley and The Wizard ran a nice run. Quiet fetch but missed the fitst drive panels and wide on last part. Set up the  shed nicely and Wizard came in smooth.  Working at the pen with three minutes and slowly backed them in for a steller pen. Score of 142

Christine Jobe and Gwen had a nice outwork but a bit fast. One ewe persisted in bolting on the drive. She ran to the judge's tent, perhaps to display her fine wool and on the second time, she walked.

Dianne Deal and Zorro had a nice run, with the handling the sheep quietly on the back.  Smooth but missed her panels and got a nice shed with Zorro looking back at the wrong sheep but quickly got the right set. Very quiet work at the pen and eased them in!  Score 115

Bill Berhow and Coal, dressed quite sharply strolled to the post. Sent to the favored comebye side and Coal is putting on the afterburners on his outrun.  Nice and deep lift.  The sheep break hard to the comebye side but he puts them back online and the sheep break to the away side and flash by the fetch panels.   They finally slow down at the post and saunter up to Bill.  A bit of a zig on the first leg but he smooths it out. He lies them up to put them through at the first panel and they break hard at the inside and they brig them back. The ewes have other ideas of breaking awa on the side that Coal is not on. A couple more breaks and but he skilly puts them through and a tidy turn. The ewes break and Coal stops then and gets them back online.  Made it through the second panels and the ewes break and Coal stop them. Wide turn and Bill puts them back online but the ewes keep trying to break. He worked nice and slow in the shedding ring and one ewe kept trying to break but they got her settled and made a sweet shed. At the pen, the ewes kept trying to break away and they ran out of time. Don't know why they decided to break away but they sure were snots. Score of 108

Chuck Dimit and Chad had a grip. Jo Ferguson and Gage handled the sheep quietly for a 103.  Dan Keeton and Newby had a good run and got the shed for 114.  Ian Caldicott and Maxie ran in the hot sun. The ewe are not interested in working as their Union Card was punched out at 9. Score of 73

Dennis Gellings and Jiggs. who last time at the post had a mini monson. This time he had sun and a soft breeze.  He handled them nice, and good run for a 131. Derek Fisher and Nell is looking good. Nice straight fetch and good turn. First leg was good nice but sheep tried to go on the inside. I didn't see if he got the first panel as a bunch of people stood up in front of me.  Made the second panel  and good line to the shed ring.  He lined them up but one broke back but Jigg made a great recovery.  Off to the pen and time out.  Score of 153

Derek Fisher and Nell had one super nice fetch. The ewes were doubtful about going around the post but they did. Drive was nice and he had a super shed. Derek almost got the pen but time ran out. Score was 153

Bev Lambert and Joe. Went out nice and pushed the sheep but sheep listened. Bit of a bobble here and there and he is leaning on the sheep. Nice shed and time out on pen. 113 score

Emil and Zack, a nice fearless male handled the ewes nice with  few bobbles. Wide turn at last panel, I think. Nice shed and he had them grouped well in the moth when time ran out.  Score of 137.

Coleen Hawker and Ike, a big rangy Kelpie is next.  Classic keyhole outrun and the sheep come down the field at a fast pace. Nice controlled fetch and made the fetch panels.  Time out at shed for 96.  Barbara Ray and Stella for 133. Deb Bailey and Huck for 99. Vicki Close and Gale for 108.

Maid ran out nice, good lift and listened pretty decent, then towards the fetch panels, ignored and flipped a ewe for a DQ.  Kay Stephens and Gala had nice run for 148.

Tom Wilson and Meg, nice run and shed and as he closed the pen, the timer went off.  Score of 124.
Alison Holmes and Britt got 120. Jen Glen and Hemp had a good start but she had one ewe that kept busting off and bolting so at the first leg, she walked but Hemp worked hard.

Don Whittington and Hector, started off with a fast fetch but settled them down and the sheep trotted through the fetch panels.  Little low on the drive and time out on shed for 86

Mich Ferraro and Clive are going nice and steady but off at top of fetch and missed panels. Sheep went nice through the first drive panels and one of the tightest turns. Hooked low but she recovered and got them on the cross drive line and pacing nicely. Some excellent handling as when the sheep want to be naughty, she is there to stop it. Low at the last moment on the second panel and wide but she corrected it and put them back online. Still nice pace.  In ring and  lining sheep up. Awesome shed and Clive stopped them dead in their tracks.   Calm at the pen and you can't hear her but they are easing the ewes tot the mouth. Ewes like this team as they have been amiable to the commands. One ewe turns to Clive and see the look in is eye and sudden;y joins her friends.  Seconds left on the clock, three to be exact and she slams the gate shut and the crowds roars with delight. Very nice run! Score of 143.

Scott Glen and Don. Little offline at the top but got them back online, Sheep slid past the fetch panes at the last moment and nice turn.  Nice first leg with a tiny bobble but made the panels and nice tight turn. It's getting windy and the sheep want to hunker down. They break into a fast trot and he gets the second panel, Little bit of a wide turn but he gets them back online. Nice line to the ring and the sheep ambled in and Shed ring. They ambled until he has them lined up and calls Don trough for a very nice shed. They  work hard at the pen with the ewes trying  not to go in but they work it hard but sadly the clock ends the run. score 142

Bridget Strang and Treat. Nice outrun and just slipped by the panels.  First leg is nice and flowing and made the panels.Nice trot on the crossdrive and went little low but corrected. Nice and made it through the panels,wide turn but dog working well and very nice run so far, They stopped on the last turn and having to push hard on them but offline.  In the ring and Bridget walks calmly to the ewes. Working on lining them up and all is calm.  Had an opening and didn't take it and reset the sheep. Bridget is still calm and dog came in for a shed on the last two.  Off to the pen and the wind is picking up but Bridget is very calm. One by one she lines them up to the pen and it still is quiet. They ambled in but one break and Treat tucks her back but time runs out for a score of 130


Donna Rock said...

Just found your blog. Love it! Thanks for making the effort. Greatly appreciated by those of us stuck at the office. :)

Amy Coapman said...

Thanks, Diane. That was Derek and Nell with the 153, not Jen. Appreciate your blogging!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

i had Nell? where do you see Jen

Amy Coapman said...

End of 13th paragraph:

"He lined them up but one broke back but Jen made a great recovery. Off to the pen and time out. Score of 153"


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Dennis and Jiggs...not Derek....fixed it

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Dennis and Jiggs...not Derek....fixed it

Sue Asten said...

Thanks for the details!