Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday USBCHA National FInals Scores

Friday morning was a sleep in for me as my rib really began to hurt from the car accident. I slept in, partially from taking heavy duty pain pill the night before and also just exhausted. I got to the field at 10ish, after spending the morning with the spouse as he heads out to Lakewood, Co to play in a gig.  As I drove in I saw a sign for a massage so parked the car and had some work done on me. I will do a blog on her later and it helped quite a bit for my neck and rib pain. The sheep have been winning hands down in the Nursery field. Hard to move and all attitude.

The Open field has had it's share of troubles as well. BTW, I have been the only one blogging the last two days, so I am getting tired and I am fading so just a head's up. If anyone wants to help me, I am all for it.  

The weather has been warm but chilly at first, but still has enough of a breeze that you need your light coat under the tent. Mike Burks and Sports laid down a nice run to get 150 and the word was it was sweet. Way to go, Mike! Jack Knox and Nap was a DQ. Suzy Applegate, a super classy handler with a positive word for everyone, got a 131 with Coop. Jo Woodbury and Zip had 102.  Terry Pelkey and Jesse walked for a RT.  Same for Dennis Edwards and Craig.  Libby Neider and Derby got a 103.  Rose Anderson and Jing was a RT.  Tierney Graham and Brisco got a 142. Brisco had his nice outwork, good drive with one missed panel, and a shed but timed out on the pen. Nice and steady.  Karen Stanley and Grace was a RT. 

Michele McGuire and Cora  had a DQ.  Joe Haynes and Spot walked for a RT.  Linda Tesdahl and Juno had  112. Terry Parrish and Zula had a DQ. Bruce Fogt had a nice run but gripped at the pen for a DQ. 

Wilda Bahr and Elle  got a 82.  Elizabeth Baker and Soot had a nice fetch and had a slow start at the first leg but made up for it and timed out on the shed. Nice work for 96 .  Erin Swanson and Lark had a nice pace, good fetch and controlled drive and time out in the ring for 112 . Her first time at the post.

Alasdair and Sweep was sent  on away side, lift was good, fetch had to be covered onleft side, the dog has to convince them to vome down (a sweet person helped me who wishes to not be named). stopped at topside of fetch panel wanting to break to right, and handled them gently through the fetch panels and the ewes want to stop but Sweep convinces them to go on. The bottom half of fetch was good and good turn.  Trying to get them alined for the drive and one ewe faces off and all is silent. They ewe all face the dog who stands up and one lowers her head moved forward and  gripped on the nose and he was called. DQ

Ron Green and Chavo had 110.   Lori Perry and Darque, (9 yrs and old her sixth time to the Finals) had a nice fetch ad turn. At the first drive panel, an ewe took exception to Darque and she got bit for her efforts. DQ but a nice run.  Terri Warner and Bea had a coupe of her ewes jump the chain before the fence and that was the end of her run.  Michael Gallagher and Cain had a quiet and smooth run, hit all the panels, sheep flowing off all the time and good shed. (Thanks to Jack Knox for help) Time out o the pen and one of the best ones and very quiet. Score of 156.

Pat Shannahan and Abby.  Offline on the top half of the fetch but good on outrun and lift. Missed the gates, and offline to the right (away side).  Sheep are going fast then stopped about 50 yards before the post but Abby got them going.   The ewes face Abby at the turn and one breaks away but she tucks her back.  She breaks again and then the other four bust to join her but Abby gets them back again. Walking them bak for the post turn and they finally make it and the ewes trot upfield.    They turn back on Abby but she gets the flow going again.  Made the panels and a fast crossdrive trot.  Low on the turn and broke the pane and partial low on the third leg but fixed it. Setting up the shed like the "Zen Master" and Abby ewe breaks again (darn ewe) and he gets them back again.  The ewes mill about but Patrick is patient and he gets the back two. They gather and run out f the ring but Patrick patiently puts them back in the ring and off to the pen.  They look like they are going to amble in but bust around to the backside at the last second and time runs out. Score of 81

Amanda Milliken and Monty, stylish in her wide brimmed hat and bright blue shirt stand at the post and waits for her sheep to settle. Sent on the comebye side and fast lift and the ewes do the fast trot down the field. Offline and missed the panels and the ewes are leaning hard on the away side. She gets the to her feet and one ewe has her head high and ears in a bad attitude position. Nice tight turn  and the flow is going to the first panels.     The sheep drop their heads to graze and they move through the panel. Got them online and they try to break high but Monty put them back on line and through the panels and they bust for a wild turn but dog brings them back online to the shed. Sheep are high headed but Amanda clams them down and again that problem ewe tries to break with a pal but it stopped. Then lined up for a quick shed, regathered in the ring and they saunter to the pen. They bust back behind the pen (couldn't figure out why) but he gets them back. They are working slow and smooth They are working slow and smooth and get the pen and the crowd gives a huge round of applause. Score was 153.

Larry Burch and Dot score of 122. (I went to get lunch). Joni Tietjen and Sage had a nice run and made the panels. A the pen, she is slowly walking the sheep and they try to bust but she slams the gate shut and everyone gives her a huge round of applause.  Nice score of 153 

Patricia MacRae and Cap.  Nice outrun, lift and offline and they ewes turned sideways on the fetch and Cap stopped them. It kept happened a couple times but she held them fast.  The turn was back and forth and for some reason the ewes want to keep breaking to the away side. Tricia handled them carefully and made the turn and got them lined out. Carefully handling and they get online and the ewes make a run for the inside of the panels but Cap stopped them.  She works them carefully to the mouth of the gate and they go through with a snug turn. She works Cap slowly and again the ewes run high and miss the panel. They swung way low and she works hard to get them going.   Patience is a virtue and she works them back to the last leg.  The ewes are calm in the ring and Cap comes in for the back two. She is working them hard and time runs out.  score of 91

Angie Coker Sells and Andy had to work hard for their score. The ewes faced her dog off at the first leg and it was a face off but the ewes decided to behave. They made the second panel and the ewes bolted low but she got then into the ring for a fast shed. Pen is slow and patience wins at the end! Score of 135?

Sandra Milberg and Hope. She had a nice run with a few bobbles and made the drive panels. Made the shed and pen, the second one in a row.  Score of 100.

Mike Neary and Cylde. Missed the fetch panels.  Hard going on the first drive as the sheep are heavy.  Made the first panels and high on the second panel.  Put the sheep back online for the last leg.    Got shed and pen for score of 105.

Diane Spaninhower and Tess and was sent to the left. Nice lift and the sheep broke abut dog them back online.  Shed and no pen for 111. LisAnn Spenser and Lacey had a grip at the first drive panel for a DQ.  Ellen Skillings and Jill had a bit of wobbly fetch and missed the panels.  Stop and go on the crossdrive line. In the ring and made the shed. Trying to ease the in and did it but grip for a DQ

Jean Gellings and Star.  Nice and quiet so far.  Made the first panels and nice turn but slow and steady.  Just slipped low at the second panel and wide turn but got back online quickly  .  The run was quiet and smoth and the shed was swift. Star covered the pen and they almost hd it when time ran out.  Score of 130. George Stambulic and Nan were the last to run.  Missed the fetch panels and turn to line them up. Sheep are trying to break and he has to work hard to get the first panel and makes it. Low on the crosdrive but recovered and made the second panel. Wide turn but got them back.  Shed was nice and then to the pen. The sheep are hanging in the mouth of the pen and he carefully starts to close the pen when burst out and break to the side of the pen where the ewe sees Nan and then ran back to her buddies. George eases them in and closes the gate and only fitting the last run of the first go round shuts the gate for a score of 140.

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