Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DeltaBluez Boldt

Normally, I don't like male pups or dogs for that matter. I have had a couple of mice male dogs but they all came to me as adults. But this male pup reached out his paw and hooked my heart. So for now, Boldt gets to stay as a member of the pack.
His paws are huge. He is much bigger than the rest of the other pups.

He is very sweet and loves people. He comes at a dead run when you call him.

He is square and solid as a rock. He has Tess's face, a dished face and loving eyes.

Quick to explore. When the pups were growing up, he was the first to climb out of the whelping box. Very bold and not shy. He has Sava's sweetness.

One of the few photos of him....not moving!
So for the time being, Boldt gets to stay and be a member of the team.  Rainey will play with him but Nan and Maid run away at full speed. He has jumped into the pond and is not afraid of water. The rooster tried to buffalo him but he ignored the rooster. Something tells me that I will have my hands full with him.

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Janet said...

He is going to take after his grandpa's, I just know it. He'll be an awesome dog! Yes, I'm biased :-)