Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caption Contest

Time for a Caption Contest:

  1. Maid will pick the winner in random draw.
  2. Enter as many times as you want. Each caption will count as an entry.  Put your caption in the comment section.
  3. I will pay for shipping to USA and Canada
  4. No rude captions and I will delete if needed.
  5. Contests ends in about two weeks. (midnight  May 19 th)
  6. After winner is announced, winner must contact me in one week or prize will go to second choice.
Puppy is DeltaBluez Bess. Person is Vet Diane Mitchell.
Prize is bunch of "I LOVE Lamb" stickers.


Anonymous said...

NO! Not the spay and neuter clinic!

Michael Vorkapich said...

Wait! There are still sheep back there!

Windswept Farm said...

See, I told you she loved me the most!