Sunday, November 3, 2013

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I've always been worried about our dogs or cats getting hit on our country road. I guess  I should have been worried about my free range chickens as well.
But worry no more.....
Thanks to OMLET Company, I shall not worry about my free ranging hens anymore.

from their website.........

Yellow High-Vis Chicken Jacket

Worried about your chickens now that the cold, dark nights are drawing in? Don't panic, because the High-Vis Chicken Jacket has arrived. Available in two colours, pink and yellow, or as a twin-pack, this health and safety gilet will make your pets visible on the darkest days, while protecting them from the rain and sleet.

The High-Vis Chickent Jacket in yellow
The High-Vis Chicken Jacket is easy to use. Just gently put your chicken's wings through the arm holes and fasten at the front. The velcro fastening is adjustable, allowing for the perfect fit so that your hen is comfy, and the jacket contains an inner bodywarmer, lined with NASA-appproved Flectalon, for insulation.

Ok, your chickens may not be planning a space mission anytime soon, but you'll never need to worry about them crossing the road again!

The High-Vis Chicken Jacket:
  • Offers excellent comfort and protection in cold weather
  • Breathable, showerproof fabric
  • Quilted lining featuring Flectalon NASA approved insulating material
  • Adjustable velcro fastening, offering comfort and extreme manouverability
  • 180 degree, wide reflective strip visible from the air
  • Offers protection from dirt
Please note, the High-Vis Chicken Jacket is not suitable as pyjamas - please remove at night.
Keep chickens safe on the road!

Due to the high specification of this garment, please pay attention to the prevailing conditions in your garden and remove the jacket if it gets too warm. Made in the UK.


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