Sunday, November 17, 2013

Broomfield trial resutls

Someday you are the bug and some days you are the windshield. Yesterday we were the windshield and today we were the bug! Oh well, such is life.
The trial was standard and the sheep were super light. The dog had to be way off and neither of mine were. Maid was first and had a brilliant outrun and lift, then the wheels fell off the wagon. She didn't listen and was on the sheep's ass and put them way to the away side and in the bushes so I walked. She had the same issues on this about a year ago and I worked hard to fix it but it reared it's ugly head. So the next trial, I will walk and make her listen and back off at the top.
Nan ran out nice, lifted well and was offline. She couldn't hear me to put the sheep back online for the first half but go them back online and settled and made the panels. Nice smooth turn and great first leg with a tidy tight turn. The first turn was tough as the hearing was muted so a lot of dogs had issues. I really had to hit her hard with the comebye whistle but she took it. Nice first half of the drive, then we waggled all over on the second half and missed the panels.  She had snuck up too close to the sheep so they zigged and zagged. The pen was four sided with a small open the sheep had to enter. You had to stand in the shed ring and drive them in but we would get them in the mouth and they would not go in and we ran out of time. So since we missed the pen and single we were out of contention.

Bright side is that the girls had perfect outruns and lifts. Got some homework to do soon.

I took Rainey and as soon as I let her out of the truck, she ran towards the post. There was a person at the post so I ran and grabbed her ass. She was miffed that she couldn't run a brace. So she found Vicki's lap and told her all about it. Plus she got part of my lunch as well and I was forgiven.

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