Monday, September 23, 2013

Dogs Update

Well, looks like fall has arrived and the sun has gone south for another nine more months. It was a fine, hot summer and we enjoyed it immensely. Nan and Maid ran hot, like the hot sun, but it didn't help on the scorecards. So homework for me and them. Rainey is retired and my farm chore dog. She is deaf in one ear and that knocked her out of the third Open slot. I noticed over a couple of runs that she didn't listen to me until she was close.  She is so biddable so I know something was off so I had her hearing tested. Deaf in one ear was the verdict and now she graces the couch instead of the trial field. 
I am looking for another Open dog and looked to my upcoming trial string. I had been working Wynn and he was a superb contender. But he is very loosed eyed and even though we spent many hours together, we didn't click. I just had a hard time running a loosed eyed dog. So he found a new home with Debbi. They make a fine pair as she loves his loosed eye since she runs an Aussie.
Kiwi was another runner up but she still is too immature at 3.5 years old. So I made the hard decision to sell her and she went to Canada. She is working on a farm and will be the main dog and have time to mature.
Janet had gotten Sava in late spring and that was a good match. They are getting to know each other and she has two dogs in PN. I had brought Sava over from the UK a few years ago. Tess had won enough trial money to buy two pups from Aled Owen. That was very nice of Tess to give me her trial earning so I could spend it.
The youngsters are Billie and Reba, still in PN level and getting farm work. They are not quite ready to run yet and will get more winter training.  They are doing stall work and farm chores to round out their seasoning. They are my future dogs in a year or two.  Scott has my Ben and he will have him for another year at the least, if not more.
Then Dixson and Kiko are the yearlings and real pistols. They are learning manners and not to chase chickens. My recent import is Kinloch Safi, aka Sally. She is another pistol and has learned not to de-feather the ducks tonight! She just turned a year old in August.
I am looking for another Open dog but want the right one. a female who will be in the house and good natured. Not in a rush but waiting for the right one. I put the bug in Scott's ear but maybe need to put another bug in his ear again.


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Dangerous Dreams Farm said...

Bummer about Rainey. I have a relative of hers that started to go deaf at 3 years old. He was supposed to be my next Open dog.

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