Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ProNovice and Ranch Runs Photos

Here are some photos from ProNovice and the Ranch runs. You will have to go to my prior blog to see the results and scores.

Janet and Scott.

Janet and Scott at the pen. You will have to go to her blog for details. She should have it up in a few days.

Janet and Tess. Tess came out of retirement to run for Janet. Janet was walking Tess and she saw me and ran up to me, expecting me to run her. But I was only taking pixs. Janet had to take her back and fuss over her.

Janet did the "dance" with Tess before her run and she decided she would run for Janet afterall.

Turning the post.

Almost had the pen. Placed 2nd and it was a fun run to watch. Janet got excited a few times and that got Tess excited too! The ole dog sure can run fast!!

Audrey is the scribe (left ) and Sue MacDonald (right) was the Judge.

Kathleen and Emma at the pen.

Audrey and Dan. See how straight the fetch is!!
Pam and Colin prior to their run.

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