Friday, February 12, 2010

Gael goes home

Gael is a wonderful smooth coat female that I got from Chris and Terri Hanson. She is a great granddaughter of Nan. She is very bold and nothing scares her. I picked her up at the Finals and each night, she wormed her way on to everyone's lap and soon was the hit of everyone. She is sweet, loving and very bright. She serenaded Ben each night.

Kathleen raises some of my puppies for me. She takes them on bus rides, downtown, to the Market, elevator, events and everything else. So by the time I get them back, they are not afraid of anything, well mannered and easy to start. She does a fantastic job.

Gael is also a lap puppy. Here she is on Kathleen's lap.

Gael was born in April of last year. She just started working sheep. She casts out wide, has a great feel for her stock and listens well. She is nine months old. She is a very serious worker and when one of the sheep tried to bolt, she put her head down, cast out and turned it. She is one of the most natural dogs that I have seen.

Kathleen has been raising pups for me for a very long time. She never asked if she could buy any of them but she fell in love wiht Gael. If you ever meet Gael, you will see why. I guess it was meant to be as now Gael has a new mom!!

Gael got a great home. She gets to sleep on the couch, got for rides, get tons of treats and spoiled rotten. She is going to be an outstanding stock dog too!  If I ever came back as a dog, I would love to be Kathleen's dog!!

I'll miss Gael but I was just a part of her journey. It was meant to be and you can see the special love connection that Gael and Kathleen have....truly special.


Monique said...

Hooray for Kathleen and Gael!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

That's two so far in the last couple of months!! I am running out of dogs!! ;-)

Both Lucy and Gael got *perfect* homes

hsnrs said...

Lovely photo. Glad she is home at last.

Handhills Border Collies said...

Is Gale is Litter mate to to midge? Midge is the puppy I used in my art "Pup on a Pedestal"
small world congratulations kathleen
P.S.If so we have here liter mate, Jake

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Yes, she is the littermate to Midge.