Monday, February 1, 2010

Faye in ProNovice - Jan 23 trial

I haven't run Faye in ProNovice so we went to the post, together for the first time.  We had done a Ranch course a couple of weeks prior but not a full course. I worked her at the farm so we had a good relationship. Beside, we raised Faye from a puppy and sold her as a three plus year old to Tony. So Faye and I had a history.

Faye had been at my place for a couple of weeks since she was getting bred to Roo so we got back into a routine. It didn't seem like she was gone as she got back into the groove quickly.

Faye is a pleasure to run now, She has matured quite a bit and runs a lot like her mother, Nan. They have lot of the same mannerism and quirks. They are nice dogs. Tony is very pleased with Faye. Since Tony had to go to a horse show, I would run Faye for him. 

Getting ready to run. Faye had a nice outrun, lift and a bit of a bobble on the fetch. She settled the sheep down and all was well. She lost 1 for outwork, 3 for lift and 11 for fetch.

Nice quiet turn around the post. She really began to rate her sheep. She was listening well.

An outstanding first leg of the drive.

Wonderful crossdrive. We had to be below the fetch panels for the crossdrive.

Hit the crossdrive panels dead on. She only lost 4 points for her drive!!

Good team work at the chute, lined them, got them in AND then she headed them and busted one back. So I sent her to gather them to redo the chute BUT the exhaust person picked up the sheep and put them away. We were stunned as well as the judge.  So we didn't get the chute point. What a bummer!! We placed 9th.

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