Saturday, February 9, 2008


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Aren't I the cutest 6 week old puppy!!?

Jeff (Getty) and Shiro on a hike

Getty and Shiro doing Canine Frisbee.

She was ranked on of the top WA dogs and competed with Getty everywhere.

Herding....many yrs ago.....

Shiro will be 15 yrs old in April. It seems like the other day we got her. she was 5.5 weeks old and too young to be sold but it was a rancher who is basically a BYB and I didn't know any better. Jeff, then boyfriend (now spouse)...took one look at her (he was a dog hater then ) said...."she's your dog and I don't want anything to do with her"....and we both now how that ended a matter of weeks, she was Jeff's dog and the rest is history.

She was one of those terrible Border Collie you hear about...ripped our bathroom to shreds, was hell on shoes, tore everything up she could get her teeth on and just was a pain in the a$$ but we loved her in spite of she was Jeff's (aka Getty) Frisbee dog and our beloved camping buddy.....and she also did AKC trials (this was a long time ago)

She has a heart of Gold and I guess we can blame her for showing us the path for herding.....we love her dearly and is our *beloved first child* and hope she will be around for a few more years

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