Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on Peg...with video

Update on Peg.....(Imp teg)...Welsh Imported bitch

Yes she still is for sale. She went on a 2 week trial basis and was too much dog for that person. She is a pushy dog, not a quitter and tons of power. She is not for a weak handler. She is a dog that can work a flock all day - like they do in the UK- put her on a few thousand sheep and she will never quit. She will work fine on ewes/lambs and trial sheep.

She is on whistles and voice command. Here is a video of her. The guy working at the end has had a couple of lessons with me and then ran her. He is a novice person but train horses so he has the voice of intent. She ran really well for him. she is at the ProNovice level which is smaller that Open, full drive, pen and no shed.

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