Monday, January 28, 2008

"A bit of the old West still lives on..."

Ever watch the old western movies where cowboys rode working horses, said "yes Madam and no Sir", opened doors for women, have Morning Prayer outside at the break of dawn and people opened their homes to other folks and put out the Welcome Wagon and then suddenly the movie was over and you realized that was in the good ole days?

Well, take a step back in time my friend, because at the Bonina Ranch, ( the cowboys ride good working horses, say "Yes Madam and no Sir", Morning Prayer is outside at the break of dawn by John Paul, an excellent preacher (as well as cowboy), Bob and Nina have opened their ranch to the cattle dog trial folks and hosted cattle dog competitions and they really roll out the Welcome Wagon.

Matter of fact, the last two years, Bob loaned me his special mare "Jackie" to ride in the competition, loaned me spurs and made sure my hat was on straight before I went in.

Yep, those good old days are not gone. You just have to sneak over to Bonina Ranch to get it!!
Not only do they host the cattledog trials, they rasie cattle, have all sort of cutting horse events as well as a place to go buy your own horse place...check out their place...they have tons of great stuff.

So Rhys now known as Ace lives with Bob and Nina. What a great place for Ace to land. With two great, kind hearted people who adore him. And the best news, he now has his own cattle ranch. WOW, what a lucky dog!!

I am thinking the Bob will be riding Jackie and have Ace at his side and joining us in our competitions at their slice of heaven in the future

As you see from the pixs above, I am not sure to who is happier....Bob or Ace?

What do you think?

Thanks Bob and Nina for giving Ace a slice of the good ole days!!

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