Saturday, January 5, 2008

"The pup formerly known as Camlin....."

The pup formerly known as Camlin........
is now known as Torq....

Terri and Torq

Terri and Torq have over 100 acres to play on and they will be working sheep here as well one day, I am sure Torq will get his own sheep. Torq also has two human children who adore him and all three have been involved since day one. The two boys helped quite a bit in the puppy socialization and are just two great kids. They also have a Belgian Terv that they herd with and that is one awesome dog with talent.

We formally introduced Terri to hoof trimming, worming and other farm chores. She took to it quite well and now is an *offical hoof trimmer and sheep flipper*

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