Saturday, December 15, 2007

Read then do!!

Ok, having the read book and primping herself to look beautiful, Rainey decides to take on the SHEEP. Which is a HUGE, WILD RAM but even though Rainey maybe small, her heart is huge. After all, being the runt in a littler of seven other siblings who are bigger brothers....Rainey has held her own.
 Since she is so tiny, she decided to forgo the long outrun. But we will come in tight ....
A quick nip to get the RAM going.....

 That didn't work so let's give him a head grip.
 "Perhaps a ear tug might do the trick!! Oh, oops, you got a hole in your ear now. Guess you will be getting earrings for Xmas!!"
 "Oh, you just don't want to move. My daddy is bigger than your daddy!! I am gonna make you move. My daddy used to work mean cows and I am doing to grip you until you move!!"
 "Fine, don't move. I'll take you down. I'll show you who is boss. What is the matter sheep...didn't you read the book? YOU are SUPPOSED to MOVE!!"

"Ok, let's read the book together. Now here, look where my paw is...that says you move away from me!!  Got it? Good!!"

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