Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"The outrun"

Today Niall was a true blue sheepdog. He did his first outrun. Granted, he did see some whitish-tan object made of leather and since his papa was a cowdog, it was only fitting he go after the cows. Well, these cows are a pair of fine leather, soft moccasins. A treasured Xmas gift from the brother. I wear them quite a bit in the house. They has soft fuzzies inside and are warm. I take them off in the office and usually sit with my legs- Asian style. Niall was the pup that I taken out and was spending one-on-one time with. He has a white swirl on his head and his dark gray coat is starting to get darker now. He is a clown. He twirls and whirls and spins and just has a happy face. Life is a big adventure to him

I call him "Pup, Pup" and he bounds, no, make that a leap across the floor to be next to me. I pet his fat head and then he *sees the cows*.....he crouches, fat belly to the floor, inches forward then his eye draws him up and then off he shoots to one side, coming up for a almost perfect outrun, then his eye draws him him and he slices.

The cows do not move.

He stares at them and as any good cowdog should do, he grips one.
The cows do not move

He gives a bigger grip
The cows do not move

He give one a easy nudge with his paw.
The cows do not move

"Hum" he says and then he decides they need a full body grip
and in he goes, all teeth bared , determined to make the cows move.

The cows do not move

Finally I rescue my mocassions and he quickly settles in for a nap in my lap. After all, he just worked his heart out, moving the toughest cattle on the ranch.

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