Friday, December 7, 2007

"The Great Escape"

The pups are getting much bigger and some of them can climb out of the crate. Of course, it usually is the same ones again and again. Rainy and Kael, the two smallest ones seem to manage to escape quite often.
Don't ask me why the two smallest ones can climb out when the others are far bigger. But today, Rhys and Camlin had other plans. They were planning the great escape.
When Diane looks at you, look innocent!!

This is Camlin

Wait until Diane goes to the kitchen for some hot cocoa. Act like you are sleep when Diane does a puppy check "ZZZZZZZZZZ". Then scramble up the steep side until you fall over to the other side. Lie on your back and then right your self.

Take a rest break.
Now wake up your sleepy brother Camlin. "Wake up and follow me this way"

"Hey I said WAKE UP.
We just got over the barrier and must go on"

"Ah, ha, we have reached NIRVANA. We have succeeded "

"I love you, bro"

"brotherly love"

The two escapees, side by side, brotherly nap So glad they escaped together so they could sleep together on the teddy Bear!

Successful escape!!!

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