Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am Bliss...

I am Bliss.....
I came to you to heal you
upon the death of Maid
your heart was shattered.
I had the love to glue it back together
and help you through the cancer journey
to kiss you when you cried
to snuggle when you fell into a black hole.
I slept by your side
those hard, terrible nights
full of demons and death
my teeth drove them away.
my heart is huge and I gave you a piece
and now your heart is whole again
and we embark on the second half of your journey
and I will be by your side again.
and now we also run on the trial field
our souls as one, our eyes matched in love
my heart also is given you
and your heart is given to me.
I see you smile again
happiness in your soul
and I know our new journey will begin
one of love and delight
I am Bliss...
the one who was sent to heal you
I gave you my heart and you healed
and now we are as one
our love is complete
~diane pagel 2015~

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Kate Degiule said...

They come to us for a reason, I believe.