Sunday, October 5, 2014

October Shearing

Today we did the fall shearing. My normal October shearer bailed on us with no warning so I had to find another shearer in a short time frame. Through several recommendation, we found Pierre and he came out.  I had reduced my wool sheep so we had 28 wool and two Dorpers to shear. We didn't shear the other hair sheep. We started at 9ish and got done around 2 but we took breaks and a long lunch and worked dogs. The shearing crew was Audrey and Diane as the Vets, Karol manning the tilt table and doing the dog work with Phantom, Wayne and Tim as the sheep wranglers, Phil and Morgan as the hoof trimmers and me as the record keeper. I was banned from doing hoof trimming as my ribs still hurt. Pierre was a great sport and we had all sort of banter going back and forth.  If you want a superb local shearer in the Western Washington, we recommend him, His contact info is: Pierre Monnat
It was a sunny and warm day so that helped. Karol, and Vet Diane on the left. Morgan on the right. After Pierre sheared, we put the ewe on the table and the Vets checked her for health, and to see if they needed to be wormed. Morgan and Phil did the hooves and they are a great crew. Karol worked the tilt table and also had Phantom hold the sheep in the north barn driveway after they were sheared.

Tim Browne who has become  great farm hand.  He was a wrangler and go-to guy. He also fixed my broken feeder today.

Phil and Morgan doing hooves.

A new victim has been loaded. Vet Diane, Karol, Phil and Morgan are ready to go!
Phantom did four hours of sheep tending. After we did the work, we put the sheep in the driveway to graze and hold them. Once we did that set, he moved them back to the proper pasture and then got a new set.  He was tired by the end but did a great job.
When Wayne wasn't wrangling he was sweeping the wool off to be bagged.

Pierre doing the shearing. We all loved his quick wit. And a great shearer to boot. He is available to do all sorts of shearing in Washington State and other areas.
Having a shearer that is good looking is a real bonus!
Tim wrangling the sheep from the stall to the shearing station.

One of the ewes after she was sheared decided to lay her head between two buckets for a nap.
We got done after two and went out for lunch and then came back and worked more dogs. It was a good day for shearing, sunny and warm and having a crew made the work go a lot faster. Thanks to all for helping!

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