Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Double Rainbow

It's has been the usual yucky blustery fall weather here in the pacific northwest.  So as I was driving home, I saw the double rainbows and decided that the cool, wet fall weather wasn't so bad after all.
So I chased the rainbows, (it also helped they were in the direction that I was going towards) and never caught  up to them to get my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But I remembered form my Physics class that rainbows are caused by refraction of water droplets and are not stationary so you will be always chasing the elusive pot of gold.
In case you were wondering, I was in a traffic jam and we were sitting and not moving so I whipped my iPhone out and took these  pics. I was going to do a video and scan the whole rainbow but traffic started to move so you lost out.

In the case of two rainbows, the primary  rainbow the light is refracted and the second one , the light is reflected.  Interesting what I remember from my Physics class.

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